On Paros - Cyclades - Greece.

Fotos by Ora Haushner-Roth und Ora Setter.


Paros is one of the most varied islands in the Aegaen Sea, in the midst of the Cyclades. The capital, Parikia and the old port of Naoussa belong to the most beautiful places of the Cyclades. Paros is about 165 sqkm in size, the coast with many individual beaches is about 120 km long. Crystall clear sea. Approximately 10,000 inhabitants welcome annually many guests from all over the world. Already in the very old times Paros was the island of the art, because of its excellent and famous, lucent white marble.


Paros offers very much: original Greek atmosphere, fascinating nature, with hills after hills, structured by terraces for centuries, in spring over and over green, white, yellow, red, full of blossoms, the summer woven in by the gentle pastel of the fields. The traditional small villages in the typically cycladic style gleam like watercolours of August Macke - white washed houses, blue shades in the tangle of the alleys, everywhere blossoms on the balconies, swung arcades, trees which defied the wind already a long time, everywhere the smell of herbs, small Greek tavernas, little churches and chapels, protected by bright red or radiating blue, archaeological excavations, many impressive monasteries, scattered everywhere.

And breath-taking sunrises in the east and sunsets in the west. All this in the radiating, completely pure light or under a sparkling starlit sky.


Parikia is at the same time one of the largest ports of the Cyclades with the best shipping connections to other islands and to the largest Greek port Piraeus. Here is more about Paros: see Links 




In small, clean and practical Greek rooms/appartments with everything you need. See Links


With flights to Athens and connecting flights to Paros or with the ship from Athens-Piraeus, Santorini, Mykonos or Naxos to Paros.


With one of the many airlines, also reasonable flights, from foreign countries to Athens airport and from there with small airplanes by  Olympic Airlines in approx. 30 min. to Paros.
Or from foreign countries by direct flights to Santorini (+ 3 hours by ship to Paros), Mykonos (+ 1 hour by ship), Naxos (+ 1 hour by ship). See Links


Shipping connections:
From Athens to the port of Piraeus. From there with large ferry boats in approx. 4 hours to Paros, with fast ferries in approx. 3 hours. A few ships depart from the port of Rafina, which is closer to the airport, in approx. 3 hours to Paros. The ship tickets are purchased locally.
From the airport Athens to Piraeus: with the taxi between 40 minutes to 1 hour, by bus approx. up to 90 minutes. To the port Rafina: approx. 20 minutes by taxi. See Links


Travel planning:

With pleasure we assist you by your travel planning.




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