Open letter to you:

If it is your goal to create unique art, then here is your chance to discover how unique you are, and your work becomes as unique. Pablo Picasso was not unique because he painted so many pictures in different styles. He himself was unique: Pablo Picasso! And therefore he created unique work. This was exactly the same with Leonardo, van Gogh, Kandinsky and all the other famous masters.

The rest remained mediocre.
Why? Because these artists never discovered how unique they were. They themselves remained vage, also their work. They did not discover themselves. Therefore nothing special was to discover with their work. That is not a derogatory judgement, that is the mourning around a drama, around thousands of human tragedies: instead of a creative, passionate, enthusiastic life, only repetition without risk, nice adaptation, resigned disappearing.


No matter whether you just began or you are an experienced artist:
Average or uniqueness?
Until now, this question was perhaps unclear for you or not acceptable, a dark notion or a denied agony. Now it is a decision. It is your decision.


In this Workshop you will know, what you choose.


Why am I so convinced? Because I went exactly this way and I already went it successfully with many other artists of all kind. All found their way to their uniqueness. And in such a way they became uniquely creative.


Yours, C.P.Seibt