How the Workshop will (not) happen:

It does not concern techniques. How one brings color on the canvas is already known or you will practice if you need it. Who said what about art? Whenever? Where? Which theories do you know? That must only be known by those who want nothing else than to talk about art. We do not squat contemplatively around a candle, we do not run over hot coals, we do not sink in day dreams. We only need the map of the theory so that we can move even better in the landscape of creation. No ideologies, no rasters, no gurus.





Artist?Artist! is a fast, intensive and sensual process, an experience.

  1. We begin and
  2. from this moment on you are on the way to
  3. your own horizon. So to your uniqueness. And so to your own work.
  4. You permanently discover new substance of yourself. Thereby permanently your work changes.
  5. You experience yourself and what you create out of yourself. We experience, arrange, sharpen and widen our perception, encounter blockades and dissolve them, find answers and forget the questions, drag ballast and let it fall, are irritated about sudden discoveries and smile, protest over our difficulties, laugh at the solutions - and we dance... and we work, work, work.
  6. And everything in the light of the Aegaen, in light and shade with warm days and evenings, with joy and laughter. Therefore it is quite easy, although it seems difficult, it is cheerful and completely concentrated, always open and absolutely in the presence of creation.
  7. Everything serves this one goal:
    I am unique and so I create.



Material and tools:

Material and tools will be provided. We are working with the best quality of oil sticks from Sennelier on special card board. This brings quick best results. If someone is interested in other techniques, we will discuss it by application.




Working hours:
The workshop last 7 days. We begin with the dinner on the day of arrival. Usually we work from approx. 9:30 am to 1:30 pm, after that is a break for recovery and individual tasks, then we go on with new work and inputs in the group from approx. 5 pm to 8 pm, in the evening optional discussions, resumes, presentations by common dinner.


In the afternoon break is time for sightseeing or you have the possibility to swim in the turquoise blue Aegean Sea or to have a walk along the coast.